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Paul V.
I was truly impressed with Bruce and his team. He took the time to get to know me and the issues i had when going through my divorce and we worked well together. he really advocated well for me. I was a mess at the beginning and by the end i was very happy. I would and have recommended him to friends and family and recently had him to do my will.

Robin W.
Bruce Diamond has exceeded our expectations in all areas. I would highly recommend him. He is an extremely competent attorney and a great guy. Thank you Bruce!

Elizabeth S.
Attorney Diamond assisted me through my divorce by providing us with mediation. He worked diligently to ensure that both of our needs were met. I would highly recommend his services!

Jane T.
I met Bruce about 16 years ago after he was recommended to me after a car accident. He was professional and attentive at all times and helped me attain a good settlement. After that he became my only lawyer! He has handled land deals, helped with family issues and is always available to help. Besides being my lawyer he quickly became my friend. He is very personable and caring of his clients. Love Bruce Diamond law!

David S.
Bruce Diamond helped me with my child custody case and everything went in my favor. Excellent experience!!! Will recommend your office to anyone that needs help.

Anthony R.
Always a pleasant experience when visiting the office. The atmosphere is cordial, low stress. Laura is always courteous and foolws up quickly if there is a question. Bruce is very thorough, patient and explains any questions. Always a pleasure dealing with the office.

Patrick M.
Attorney Diamond handled three real estate transactions for me. He and his staff ensured that each transaction proceeded smoothly and expeditiously. On a particularly complex transaction, He accurately anticipated potential issues and headed them off before they impacted the transaction timeline. I would have no reservation with retaining Attorney Diamond for any future legal advice.

Marlene B.
I have had a wonderful experience being represented by Attorney Bruce Diamond. I have felt confident in his decades of experience. I felt that I had nothing to worry about when being represented by such an outstanding, experienced and compassionate attorney. My case is far from simple and contained many branches of the law. I believe Attorney Diamond has does his very best to represent me. I value my legal representation provided by Attorney Bruce Diamond. MB

Nick C.
Bruce was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable while he worked long and hard on my case.

Joe A.
Bruce and his staff provided excellent legal services for an estate which I was named executor as well as for the a sale of a home in the estate. Attention to detail, follow up on requests to the court, and obtaining all signatures and documents were done if a timely and professional manner. Myself and the beneficiaries of the estate are very pleased with Bruce and his team.


"Bruce served as legal counsel for me during my period of divorce. Bruce's efforts very much helped me through a very long and difficult time. He was, and still is, attentive to my needs and concerns. He showed great patience through my emotional ups and downs and was always there to offer a positive attitude even when it seemed as if nothing good would every come of my experience. I appreciated how Bruce would always calmly explain the realities, possibilities and options, always making sure that I understood what was going on. I was more than pleased with his attention to detail, organization, promptness and follow up.
I consider myself lucky to have had Bruce's experience and talents on my side through my divorce and luckier still to have the friendship that we developed that continues."


"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your assistance during a quite difficult and trying time, to say the least! To Divorce or Seperate varied from week to week and your sincere caring, time, effort, experience and guidance are far unsurpassed and much appreciated. True compassion, toss aside the "lawyer" association of disassociation and only love of money. You are the exception! Being across the miles now, you still remain on top of matters as needed. I would highly recommend you if ever asked or encounter a conversation where I feel they could benefit from you and your services!"


"A family member recommended Bruce Diamond to me as I was going through a very difficult time in my life. I feel very lucky and thankful to have had Bruce Diamond representing me. I found him to be not only very knowledgeable but perhaps the most compassionate person I have ever met. I feel that Bruce was truly concerned for me and helped make the best of a terrible situation. He always took the time to really hear me and address all my concerns including anticipating things that may come up that I myself had not thought of. I believe one of Bruce Diamond’s passions is to really help his clients through difficult processes such as divorce. He spent time with both me and my now ex-husband to explain the law and present information and help us come up with an agreement that we both felt was fair. Having said that I always knew he was representing me and my interests but he able to do it in a way that was comfortable for all involved. I do not wish divorce on anyone as that is it a very sad and painful time but if you find yourself needing to begin the process of divorce I would absolutely recommend Bruce Diamond."

"I met Bruce Diamond through the recommendation of a friend when I decided to end my 26 year marriage. It was a very tumultuous time in my life and Bruce was there with me every step of the way. He was always available to answer any questions I had and worked hard to get me a good settlement. He was kind and compassionate and always reassuring that life would be good again. I would highly recommend him to any one going through a divorce."


"After 23 years of marriage, I came to the conclusion that it was time to file for divorce. I was nervous, fearful, and overwhelmed, and I knew that I needed an attorney who would look out for my best interest.

When I arrived for my consultation and met Attorney Bruce Diamond I was immediately put at ease. We sat and discussed my situation. I cried, he waited patiently for me to get my composure, and we went through the course of events that led to the demise of the marriage, and what I would need for myself and for my son when the case came to a close. Bruce answered all of my questions, and I was confident that he would have nothing but my best interest and the best interest of my son in mind.

During the course of the proceedings, Bruce was always available, even on the weekends. He is concerned, compassionate, knowledgeable, forthright and professional. I have moved past that chapter in my life, and I am very pleased with the outcome, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Attorney Diamond to anyone who would need his services."


"With my 1st visit with Atty. Diamond, I was impressed with his knowledge of the divorce process and how he initially proposed getting my wife, her attorney and the 2 of us in the same room right away to work out as many issues as we could upfront so that we could all save a lot of time, money and heartache right from the start! Unfortunately my ex would not agree to it, but I thought it was an excellent idea! Even though my ex made the divorce a long and frustrating process, Bruce always kept my goal of having joint physical custody of my children and keeping my house as his number 1 priority and that is exactly what I got. He was instrumental in giving me the best financial advice and making sure that I got a fair and equitable settlement as well. Divorce can take an emotional toll on you and he also was very encouraging and helped me to focus on the positive results we achieved! I would highly recommend the Law Office of Bruce W. Diamond, LLC."


"I have a unique perspective of divorce mediation. I met with Bruce in March of 2005 after my ex-wife filed for divorce March 7th. Both my ex and I agreed to meet with Bruce for mediation and by May 4, 2005, Bruce had drafted a mediation agreement. Bruce encouraged us to have an attorney review the agreement.

My ex-wife chose to litigate as opposed to executing the mediation agreement.

On June 11, 2007, Superior Court issued a decision after both parties spending 10's of thousands of dollars in legal fees and causing
significant damage to a relationship that still had/has years of child rearing ahead.

The litigation yielded:

Alimony and child support that was $1,200 per month less for the ex wife.

Alimony that terminated at age 65 as opposed to lifetime in the mediation.

Six figures less in the property settlement for the ex-wife.

I said in the beginning that I had a unique perspective to mediation. While it appears that litigation was to my financial advantage, I would have far preferred to pay what we had mediated which was done in an abundant, fair and equitable discussion where each party looked out for the other while being smart and sensible. That would have been far preferable to a 2+ year struggle where each party considered what was in their own interest at the expense the other."

- Michael

"Through my divorce mediation I had complete trust and confidence in Bruce and his staff. The challenge of going through a divorce is painful
enough but with Bruce's expertise and guidance an amicable goal was reached. I continue to trust him whole heartedly with my family's future."

- Ann

"I hope you know how much I appreciate all your help through my divorce. I always felt that you were standing beside me and that I was not
alone. I also felt you understood my position and how I had so many fears for my future. I feel that you helped me to receive fair
compensation after 35 years and moving so much I was not able to make a career for myself. I think of you every month, especially since
Carmine's death, when I appreciate the fact that you thought of making sure he kept his life insurance in force. Something I never thought of. Who ever could have thought such a thing would happen! By doing so, you ensured my financial security until retirement. I am always so
grateful that I didn't have to sell my condo and move. I mailed a card to Doreen, who gave me you name, in order to thank her. In the note I
told her that you were aptly named because you are a precious gem!"

- Jan

“Bruce was a true ally during a very difficult time with my husband. He laid out options for me, offering many alternatives and gave me the
space and time to think about them, ask more questions and then make a decision. My husband didn’t have a lawyer, slowing response times down, but Bruce managed the situation very well, looking out for both of us, and caring how our future relationship with our son would be. I highly recommend Bruce to provide the personal one-on-one consultation these delicate matters take.”