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Telephone Consultation.

I am available for telephone and video consultations to discuss any family issues that may arise during this pandemic. We accept electronic payments.

Video Mediation and Settlement Conferences.

Currently, Connecticut courts across the state are not hearing any matters, with the exception of emergency matters such as Applications for Restraining Orders (Relief from Abuse) filed pursuant to Connecticut General Statute Section 46b-15’ and Exparte Emergency Motions for Immediate Custody . Once the courts reopen for routine business, there will undoubtedly be a huge backlog of cases to be heard. With access to the courts limited, it is imperative to look for solutions outside of the courts. Parties can quickly and efficiently resolve issues affecting child custody, child support, alimony and divorce-related issues through video mediation and settlement conferences. Child custody issues can involve resolution of visitation concerns arising out of quarantine, social distancing and exposure and infection of parents and/or household members with coronavirus. I can use Skype and or Zoom to conduct virtual mediation sessions or way conferences with clients and their attorneys.

Conn. Gen. Stat Sec. 46b-15 Applications for Relief from Abuse.

Connecticut family courts continue to hear Section 46b-15 abuse protection restraining orders, despite the coronavirus. I am available to represent clients who are contemplating filing or defending against such restraining order actions.

Emergency Court Orders.

Connecticut courts continue to hear emergency motions involving many family law-related matters, despite the coronavirus. I remain available to represent you in emergency motions before the family court.

Modifying Alimony and Support Payments due to Job Loss or Unemployment.

Connecticut law has strict guidelines regarding modifying court orders relating to payment of alimony and child support. Most significantly, Conn. Gen . Statues Sec. 46b-86 provides that modification of alimony or support can only be made retroactive to the date that the opposing party is served with a Motion for Modification. Moreover, prior to serving the other party with such a motion, it must first be submitted to the court to have an Order to Show Cause processed by the court. This typically several days to weeks to process, during which time you are still on the hook for payments and an arrearage will start and continue to accrue until, at the very earliest, when the other side is served with the Motion to Modify. Individuals, who lose their jobs or have their income substantially reduced due to the coronavirus, must act quickly to file a modification action in the Connecticut Family Court. It is critical to take immediate steps to minimize your exposure to mounting arrearages. Once you call my firm, I can immediately begin to process the paperwork to protect you from this danger.

Legal Consulting.

I recognize that not every client is in position to fully retain counsel during the coronavirus crisis. I am available for a modest retainer for consultations to advise clients on their current legal rights, to plan a course of action tailored to your specific situation and needs, to prepare legal documents to be filed in court or to advise you on how to do it yourself if your cannot afford to retain my firm to represent you in court.

Healthcare Proxy, Durable Power of Attorney and Last Will and Testament.

For individuals who experience coronavirus symptoms, it is wise to have these documents in place to ensure that their medical, financial and estate planning needs, and those of their families are met if they become seriously ill. It is also a good idea to provide for Guardianship of children in the event that the unthinkable happens.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the above is for informational purposes only and that nothing represented above, nor the act of merely contacting the firm shall be construed to create an Attorney/Client relationship and that such relationship shall not be created unless and until you have formally retained the Law Office of Bruce W. Diamond, LLC. Retention of the firm and the creation of the Attorney/Client relationship occurs only after you have paid the requested retainer and both you and the firm have signed a written fee agreement outlining the scope of representation and fee to be paid. Neither the law Office of Bruce W. Diamond, LLC, nor Attorney Bruce W. Diamond shall be legally or ethically bound to provide legal services to you until such time.